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             Evette Goldstein


                      Phone:  303-814-2869





Professional Info

Being a 50-50 left brained-right brained individual has been the perfect fit for both my engineering career and my artistic career.


People see the beauty of calligraphy but are not necessarily aware of the need for a meticulous attention to detail as well as math skills!


For example, when creating a chalkboard seating chart or menu, I start by doing a rough draft in pencil on

8 1/2" x 11" paper. When the layout is complete, I must then scale the writing and any embellishments to the size of the board.


Sometimes I need to calculate the size of writing to fit a poem (generally a rectangular layout) on to a round paper ~ an unforseen need to implement the Pythagorean Theorum!


All of my calligraphy work is done by hand. I have the abiity to replicate what I see, thus am able to write in virtually any style. This is a valuable skill when asked to address envelopes to match the 'font' on an invitation, or to add artwork to a poem or wedding vows.


Your wedding is the most important day of your life. Begin life's most meaningful celebrations with a personal touch. By having your invitations hand addressed, the time honored art and skill of hand calligraphy tells your guests that your invitation is truly something special the moment it arrives.


I can write your vows on a wedding scroll to be read at the ceremony or fully illuminated to be framed and displayed in your new home. Complete your wedding elegance by having me hand write and address your thank you notes to match your wedding invitation.


I can create a unique presentation for your holiday cards, letters, or party invitations by hand addressing your envelopes in the calligraphy style of your choice.


My work has been published in several wedding magazines including Martha Stewart Real Weddings, The Knot Colorado, Rocky Mountain Bride, and Denver Life Weddings and I was featured in 5280 Best of the Burbs.

Work Experience ~ Calligrapher

2002 - present


Hand crafted calligraphy and original artwork.

  • addressing envelopes for any occasion

  • wedding calligraphy ~ invitations, programs, menus, place cards, vows

  • awards and certificates

  • poetry, quotes, love letters

  • family trees

Meticulously preserving the art of calligraphy one word at a time. TM




Chalk Boards


Address Envelopes

Unique Place Cards


Hand Written Ketubot

Hebrew Calligraphy

Family Trees

Custom Calligraphy

Certificates and Awards

Wedding Vows

Illustrated Poetry

Invitation Masters

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Invitations








2010 - present
2010 - present

US West/Qwest



 Design T1, high speed data transfer lines for Washington state

Senior Engineer Martin Marietta (Lockheed Martin)/Hughes Aircraft



Electro Mechanical design for Space System Divisions.

Professional Organizations

Colorado Calligraphers' Guild

Greater Castle Rock Art Guild

Parker Artists Guild





Class of 1992 · Technical Management · Denver, Colorado

Magna Cum Laude

Frederick T. Daly Award for Excellence in Technical Management

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