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       Award Winning Calligrapher, Illuminator
    Evette Goldstein

  “Captain Calligraphy"



The absolute picture (and pen) of handwritten elegance,

Evette Goldstein is an award-winning calligrapher and

artist whose work hangs... in the Colorado State House,

the Governor’s Carriage House, and the White House.


Her specialty is bringing the written word to life in virtually any style — from classic to contemporary and all the way back again.

Back in 2002, Evette launched her own website called to showcase her unique talents and calligraphy services.


And when she’s not hard at work penning invitations, envelopes, family trees, illustrations or something else super pretty, she’s probably teaching calligraphy at Arapahoe Community College or conducting calligraphy workshops in the Metro Denver Area.


“I want to do my part to preserve this amazing art form,” she says.

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